Get Video Game Homeschooled by the Pros

steam_webSometimes video games don’t come as easy for people. Maybe you’re that guy out of all your friends that cannot play a game to save your life, so at a friend’s house you find yourself blankly holding a controller not having one clue of what to do with it. Well rest assured because actual professional gamers at the top of E-Sports rankings may eventually be able to tutor you. As long as you’ve got tons of cash. And speak Japanese.  

Japanese game company GameLesson, is employing professionals with some of the biggest names in Japan.  to give tutoring to people who want to eventually get into the competitive gaming scene, or just want to get better at playing casually. GameLesson as of now plans to tutor for Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, Street Fighter V, and Shadowverse. Tutors come in person to houses, but can also hold sessions online. However, the program does not come cheap. Tutor sessions done online will cost you about $39/hour and in-person training gets even steeper at $97/hour.

The competitive gaming scene in countries like Japan are huge, so its no wonder why the prices for tutoring from proven professional gamers is so steep. According to, Japan ranks third in the world in gaming revenue at $12.4 billion. The service has no launch date as of yet, but gamers are hoping for lower prices before GameLesson finalizes the service.

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