Overwatch League Will Have Steep Price

Last November, Blizzard Entertainment announced the making of their own e-sports league exclusively for Overwatch (for more info on the game click here) . The league would be based around of network of teams representing cities from all over the world. Today, Blizzard revealed that for a city to obtain a team slot in their premier league, it would cost quite a bit of cash.

Blizzard announced that in order to obtain an official team slot for your city in the Overwatch League, a minimum of $2 million will have to be paid, and that is for non-major markets. Even there, $2 million is the minimum, with prices for non-major markets reaching up to $5 million. In order to obtain an Overwatch League team slot in major markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York, the price is more likely to be tripled that at well over $15 million.

League commissioner Nate Nanzer released the information after reportedly speaking to various e-sports owners and mainstream sports owners. This could possibly foreshadow Blizzard’s intentions to develop e-sports teams owned by team owners from the NFL, NBA, MLB and any other major sports leagues. The projected prices for Overwatch League slots are a bit steeper than other e-sports leagues. The most costly competitive team purchased thus far has only been $1.8 million for a slot in the LoL Championship Series. However, courting with mainstream sports owners might justify the steep prices.