Could D.C. Become the Capital of E-Sports?

Washington DC plans to make the city not just the capitol of the United States, but now plans to make it the capital of e-sports. Events DC is in partnership with NRG Esports to make DC the new hub for competitive gaming. 

The title of capital of e-sports previously belonged to Los Angeles. However, now with Events DC making huge investments into the gaming scene, that title may change. In an interview with Mashable, Events DC revealed what the $65 million arena they are building for the WNBA team Washington Mystics, will also be made to fully accommodate for e-sports tournament events.

The arena will hold 4,200 seats and host gaming events for all seven of NRG Esports’ games, including Overwatch, Hearthstone, and CS:GO.

Overall, the decision for Washington DC to invest heavily in e-sports seems to be a good idea. The city itself has eight universities, causing no shortage of young gamers in their early twenties. In recent years DC has experienced an influx of young people moving into the city, making it a great time to invest in e-sports.