Swedish MP Uses Twitch Stream for Politics

A politician in Sweden is using a rather unorthodox method of explaining policies enacted by the government. What he is using is definitely not some Swedish version of C-SPAN. 

Swedish Member of Parliament Rickard Nordin is using his own Twitch channel to engage in political discussion with his viewers. Nordin, who is also a member of the the Centerpartiet (Swedish Green Party), wants to use the streaming platform to communicate hurdles that e-sports players are facing to get a visa in Sweden.

Nordin himself is a dedicated e-sports fan that avidly plays Hearthstone. He aims to get parliament to approve the visa statuses for e-sports players the same way they are approved in the United States. Instead of issuing public statements that most gamers would never listen to, why not talk directly to them via Twitch?

On top of trying to improve visa statuses, Nordin also wants to get Swedish parliament to increase funding for e-sports programs in schools. The end goal for Nordin is to get equal treatment between professional gaming and mainstream sports.