Heroes of the Storm March Madness

It is the middle of March and bracketology is upon us. The NCAA basketball tournament season is one of the most exciting times in sports, but college e-sports is having their own kind of March Madness.

Blizzard Entertainment is holding their third college tournament this March with their MOBA Heroes of the Storm. The tournament for competitive college players will have a prize pool of $500,000. The tournament will consist of 64 colleges from all over the country.

However Blizzard also plans to take their own little form of March Madness one step further, because it’s not March Madness without brackets. Just like college basketball brackets, viewers can also win money if they submit their own bracket and correctly predict which college team advances in all of the matchups.

The tournament organizers are dubbing this event the “Heroes of the Dorm”. This year, the submission that is closest to correctly predicting  the outcome of the tournament will win $10,000, as well as other Heroes of the Storm in game items.

Anyone can try their hand at the grand prize by entering their own bracket on the Heroes of the Dorm website. The tournament starts on March 18, so fans will have to submit their predictions soon. Fans can view the event via Facebook here.