Month: May 2017

Should E-Sports be in the Olympics? (Part 2)

The Olympics is reserved only for athletes and sports. Does competitive gaming qualify as a sport? In part 2 of this post we will look at evidence supporting why playing video games should not be considered a sport, and in turn why it should not be part of the Olympics.  (more…)


Should E-Sports be in the Olympics? (Part 1)

The Olympics is a gathering of the world’s best athletes competing against each other in the most popular sports. Esports has over 292 million people playing. So why is it not an Olympic sport? Should playing videogames even be considered a sport? In part 1 of this post we will look at why it should be. (more…)

Join the Esports Community at SJSU

SJSU students wanting to get in on the competitive gaming scene, or simply want to find other esports enthusiasts with similar interests can enjoy a plethora of clubs, teams, and communities offered here on campus. Competitive gaming is truly a global phenomenon, and if you happen to be an SJSU student, you can join in on the growing community too. (more…)

How Consoles are Adapting to Esports

The console industry has always been a few steps behind the PC industry, especially in the realm of esports. According to, all of the top five paying esports games are ones played almost exclusively on PC. However, with newer generations of consoles and a positive economic trend for competitive gaming, console developers are slowly starting to adapt.