Join the Esports Community at SJSU

SJSU students wanting to get in on the competitive gaming scene, or simply want to find other esports enthusiasts with similar interests can enjoy a plethora of clubs, teams, and communities offered here on campus. Competitive gaming is truly a global phenomenon, and if you happen to be an SJSU student, you can join in on the growing community too.

As mentioned before, the Spartan Starleague is available to both serious and casual gamers. Along with that however is a multitude of other smaller sub-communities that anyone is allowed to join. The campus has their own dedicated esports Twitter page called SJSU Esports, where followers can receive news about gaming communities on campus. The feed offers some basic tips on CS:GO, what is the meta (see glossary) in League of Legends, and meetup times for gaming practices.

The Twitter page also reposts from other SJSU esports sub-communities, if you happen to be interested in any particular game. There are dedicated Twitter pages for SJSU CS:GO and SJSU StarLeague. If you are not into the Twitter platform, you can try following the campus League of Legends team on their Facebook: SJSU Dream Team.

If neither of those catch your fancy, there is an even larger and less filtered SJSU competitive gaming community on Reddit. There you can find some like-minded students looking to cultivate a thriving esports community at SJSU.