Overwatch is an online team-based first person shooter made my mega game publisher Blizzard Entertainment. Since its release in May of 2016, the game has grown to a massive player base of over 25 million, and has won several awards for Game of the Year.

The game is centered around a group of 24 heroes the player can choose from. The heroes players choose from all have their unique set of abilities. There are four categories of heroes called attack, defense, tank, and support. Teams of six are pitted against each other to escort a payload or control a point. Team composition plays a large role in the outcome of each game.

Overwatch has gathered 25 million players worldwide, and that number continues to grow. Thanks to Blizzard, the game is constantly changing with updates and balances to keep the game fresh and the players interested. Due to this, the e-sports industry for Overwatch is rapidly growing, and Blizzard has announced that they are establishing an official Overwatch League in 2017.