Collegiate Star League

The Collegiate Star League (CSL) is a competitive gaming league made specifically for college students. It first began in 2009 as a StarCraft II tournament, but since then has expanded to other games like Overwatch, CS:GO, League of Legends, and more. Teams are assembled on campuses all across the country to represent their universities in gaming competitions against other colleges.

The CSL is separated into divisions based on the university’s location. These teams then fight to win their respective divisions in order to reach the national playoffs. Whoever makes it to the grand finals and wins can potentially get over $200,000 in prizes and scholarships. Then the season resets the following year with brand new teams from different universities entering the competition.

For college gamers that are not interested in the all-out competitive scene, CSL offers tournaments for  more casual gamers. Moreover it welcomes gamers on every platform and skill-level. For people not interested in the competitive scene at all but just love video games, there is a place for them as well to just play at the weekly meetings with other students at their school.