• E-sports – sport of playing multiplayer video games in an organized competitive setting; oftentimes against other professional teams for money
  • PC – personal computer; the most widely used platform for competitive gaming
  • Console – gaming platforms like the Xbox One or the PS4; uses less in the e-sports industry for its limitation to run bigger games
  • PvP – player vs player; two or more characters controlled by the player go against each other
  • PvE – player vs environment; team of players against a series of NPCs or computer controlled characters
  • Nerf – to balance out (or make less powerful) an overpowered character in a video game
  • Meta – the strongest strategy or character that is being used in the most current version of the game
  • NPC – non-player character
  • FPS – first person shooter
  • MOBA – multiplayer online battle arena
  • MMORPG – massive multiplayer online role playing game
  • LoL – acronym for League of Legends
  • CS:GO – acronym for Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA 2 – acronym for Defense of the Ancients 2